Since I can remember I have found thoughts, emotions and behaviour fascinating. Simply sitting in solitude reflecting on reflecting itself; theory of knowledge, theory of mind and theory of the self. I always remember as a kid sitting in the corner of the street or on a bench in a big shopping mall  staring at all the passengers of life wondering what their past was, why they walked the way they did, what their fears were and what would spark them if I felt they looked sad or internally beaten. Complementing this deep passion for insight into who we are and why, I also have lots of energy and love for understanding and helping others to heal, feel encouraged and grow on their own terms.

As a counselor-coach providing Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a bachelor of science in psychology from the University of Groningen, I use this page to blog about all things mental health, broader psychology and personal development, with here and there a philosophical inkling.







You see, in school we mainly learned about the world outside of ourselves (math, geography and so on) and, as we see with the rise in what we call mental illnesses, we are not taught or stimulated consciously to sustainably learn and reflect on ourselves unless we reach a bad state. So, in order to be a positive voice within all the complexity we try to swim through, I hope to provide some knowledge, critical questions, personal experiences and mainly trigger your interest to take up a learning process on our true potential.

Lets learn and share. Get back to a state of flow and embrace mindful over fast-paced dopamine rush. Lets heal and become empowered together.

My name is Tess Unami Hofstede and welcome to my page!

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